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Definitely a "Quickdraw" or "Iaijutsu" talent.

I'd also like to see something like a "Medic" or "First Aid" talent, that could at least stabilize a person on the verge of death, maybe even heal a single point of damage. Medics in the military go through months of training and are not considered to be as qualified as nurses or doctors are; despite that, they are far more skilled than the average soldier is.

A "Survival" skill, perhaps differentiated by type of environment (mountains, swamp, plains, forest, ocean, arctic, desert, jungle) which improves the character's chances of finding food and potable water in that environment. Something like this would be a very useful adjunct to role-playing I would think (certainly, I have found it so).

Some kind of "Tracking" talent -- that allows a character to follow a trail more effectively -- it would be separate from Naturalist (which should focus more on other things, in my opinion). Perhaps even a prerequisite for Naturalist.

A "Streetwise" talent, that would allow the character a better sense of alertness in an urban/village environment; maybe make it more like for the holder to find something the party wants in a town, or make it more likely they can find out rumors and information in a town/city. (This might be the urban equivalent of "Survival" in fact.)

A "Sleight of Hand" talent, that allows the user to switch things in plain sight, misdirect a viewer's attention for a second or so, or cheat in games of chance or something similar.

Perhaps even break out "Pickpocket" from "Thief." A Thief might be a great safe cracker or trap finder/disarmer, but not be able to steal something from someone else's belt pouch worth a darn; this talent would allow him to do so (and picking pockets, if we are to believe our Charles Dickens, is a complex skill requiring extensive training...). (Edited to add: "Pickpocket" might also allow the user to slip something into someone's pocket without being noticed...)

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