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Default Re: Marvel/DC World-Character Supers Building

Originally Posted by Drakyrias View Post
Looking for help building Venom/Carnage, Constantine, Swamp-Thing, Gambit, and Nightcrawler, Phantasm has warned me that the reboot project he does won't be including the Marvel characters for a while at the very least
Venom is mostly Spiderman with Sharp Teeth. Carnage adds a generic Cutting/Impaling attack maybe with Stretching too. More in terms of Special Effects than mechanics might be a sort of "ick" factor that might e a low level Terror effect.

Constantine depends on GM-level decisions about how you want to do flexible "ritual" magic. Maybe some sort of Modular Abilities with significant amounts of Preparation Required. Otherwise he's a normal human with a lot of "lore" Skills and a really bad attitude.

Swamp Thing would have Permeation Plant Material with mods from Powers to let him do that "manifest anywhere in the world" stunt. Also IT:Homogenous and lots of Regeneration.

For Nightcrawler there's some discussion in Supers about multi-Teleport attacks that seems to be the most commonly problematic issue. I don't think it's actually worth much agonizing over. It could be reduced to "Area Effect:Mooks Only".

Gambit has an Innate attack with Variable and Explosive and a "must use physical objects" Limitation that's so broad it's probably -0%.
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