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Default Re: Blunt Trauma and Skulls

Originally Posted by Mailanka View Post
He takes 15 points of Damage which is stopped by his DR of 18 (DR 16 from Helmet + DR 2 from skull), and three points of blunt trauma would go through.
As I read it?

15 points of Damage is LESS than the DR 16 of the Helmet, and thus, would normally be stopped. However, of those 15 points, due to the nature of the "trauma" involved (ie falling damage), the rules specify that instead of 1 point per 10 being blunt trauma damage, it becomes one in five. Normally, ALL of the damage is stopped by the helmet with the DR from the skull not taken into play. Note that the Skull is NOT included in the DR from blunt force trauma from falls - and normally would not have been an issue in protecting the skull from damage that never would have penetrated the helmet. However, points DID penetrate the helmet, and thus, the skull's DR would come into play (finally).

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