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Default Re: Blunt Trauma and Skulls

Me = confused.

If the blunt trauma is Injury and not damage, why would it be stopped by the skull's DR 2?

More general question: Can someone point me to a resource on how stacking DR and blunt trauma interact? My friend with the many colored letters didn't find anything.

Considering how weirdly blunt trauma behaves when suddenly a single point of damage penetrates (damage 100 vs DR 100 does 20 injury, but damage 101 vs DR 100 does 1 injury ...), I think you would always have to consider the entire DR and not process it layerwise. (Otherwise DR 1+1+1+1+1 is significantly better than DR 5, because it will never cause blunt trauma.)

So, this is a case of damage 15 vs DR 16 (outside, blunt trauma) + 2 (inside, no blunt trauma). What happens?

Other curious cases:
* Damage 20 vs DR 18 (outside, blunt trauma) + 2 (inside, no blunt trauma).
* Reverse layering.

4 injury because 20 damage got stopped?
3 injury, because 20 damage got stopped, but only up to 18 can cause blunt trauma.
2 injury, because 20 damage got stopped, causing 4 blunt trauma, 2 of which are somehow counted against the no-blunt-trauma DR?
1 injury, because 20 damage got stopped, only 18 caused blunt trauma for 3 injury, which was reduced by the 2 DR.
0 injury, because the DR 18 was penetrated, and the remaining 2 damage wasn't enough to cause blunt trauma, and it was stoppped by no-blunt-trauma armor anyway.
-1 injury ... wait.

Any insights?

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