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Default Re: Starter Car (for OrcaCon)

Originally Posted by Blue Ghost View Post
Very tempted to go, but I need to lose weight. Post the tourney results here if you can. I'm very interested.
Too bad you didn't make it.

I'm still gathering up pictures and whatnot, but here are some initial crunchy numbers:

28 of the 32 tournament seats were filled (with 24 unique players and 4 seats taken by non-advancing players from earlier rounds that wanted to play again), plus the 8-player final game. The game averaged 2-3 spectators just standing and watching on a nearly constant basis, usually for 5-10 minutes each.

The convention had around 1200 attendees from the organizers' early estimates, so about 2% of the attendees played Car Wars for a couple of hours (the number stopping to watch is much higher).

Also, for comparison, the Catan National Qualifier (which included a trip to Origins for the victor) being held at the same time garnered 17 players.
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