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Default Re: Stuff I'd like to see in Pyramid

Originally Posted by Turhan's Bey Company
To write support articles, you need authors. Authors need the books, which are available to most potential authors no earlier than they are to anybody else. So the book needs to come out, people need to buy the book, get an idea for an article, write it, send it in, and we all wait for it to go through the editorial process to be published. They come in time (vis the recent wave of MA and DF articles), but there'd need to be wider dissemination of pre-publication files than currently exists to speed that up appreciably.
This is true. Plus, a support article for a technical book may require more checking. If HANS writes an article on guns based on High-Tech, Steven only has to see "Hans" and "High-Tech" and he knows it's going to hit a minimum yet high standard. Same with me writing Martial Arts articles.

You can bypass this more easily if you're a good writer - Phil Masters has cranked out a couple of Martial Arts-based articles since the book came out - but it's a slower process. I'd hesitate to write an article based on High-Tech without running it past Hans first, and even if I did Steven would probably nudge Hans to see what he thought about it. That'll eat time up as well.

Not saying support material needs the approval of the authors, but there is a reason it's heavily dominated early by the authors and by other known authors.


That said, I sent Steven another Martial Arts article recently, we'll see if he likes it.
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