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Default Stuff I'd like to see in Pyramid

Here are some things I'd like to see in Pyramid:

Supporting Cast: Non-supers, at least for a while. I'd like to see some high-powered cinematic foes (or allies depending on the game perspective) for GURPS Cabal. I'd like to see some mana-punk characters. Perhaps a character or two for GURPS Transhuman Space (with stats in 4e and optionally 3e also).

Adventures: GURPS Adventures I'd like to see: Banestorm, Cabal, Cyberpunk, Transhuman Space, Technomancer. Dungeon Fantasy is fine also, but give it a rest for a couple of months (running one in late July/early August would be good). Adventures which include maps are always welcomed, especially high-quality ones. I'd like to also see GURPS Space adventures using a setting from GURPS Space Atlas IV. A fantasy adventure for Banestorm would also be nice.

Terra Incognita: I'd like to see a setting or two that's not an Inifinite Worlds setting. I'd like to see something described mainly in genre terms. A good fantasy one would be nice. One that is a SF Space setting would be good.

Reviews: The inevitable D&D 4e.

I'd love to see a series on using off the shelf products integrating them into game settings. Something like Off-the-Shelf Gaming (OSG). My first selection I'd like to see covered is Ronin's Freeport series. Several of the products have received favorable reviews. Perhaps a follow up to Tim Emricks White Ships and Black Hearts Pyramid article.

Suppressed Transmission: These are always welcomed.

That's all I can think of at present.
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