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Default Re: Wanted: New Adventures

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
So, in with those things understood what "large and well-developed adventures" would you recommend?

I've posted the Link above (with a few suggestions) elsewhere in the GURPS forum, most of those adventures are at least very good.
After reading (very late, sorry!) this post, I think you want The High Moors:

This is NOT a mere (and huge) game world, it comes with a truckload of maps AND adventures/locations to explore/plunder AND incredible mysteries to solve. This stuff is absolutely EPIC and inventive, the price for failure is often severe (yes, the players *can* destroy the world for real!), and the ending is something incredible (let's just say it starts in the engine room of a starship, but you can NOT imagine what happens next).

It's $10, why not?
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