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Default Re: Villains worth Stealing!

It occurs to me that Claude Frolio as depicted in the Disney Animated Hunchback of Notre Dame is a fairly dangerous villain on multiple levels. As a purely physical threat Frolio is able to attack two PC level figures ( Esmeralda and Quasimodo both of whom have to be substantially above normal in both ST and DX) and they were in serious danger. The guy is older but still an excellent horseman and a brutally dangerous if inelegant swordsman. He has skill and speed.

As a social political threat, the guy is a High Court Judge in Medieval Paris. He could simply have you seized and thrown in a dungeon (probably the actual oubalette "place where they forget you" ) and leave you to rot without explanation. It happened in the period. Add to that the fact that he could have the Guards simply cut you down in the streets no questions asked. Rank has its privileges.

Finally, you don't get Frolio's status and authority in that Paris without years of desceplined study, and the will and intellect to back it up. Frolio's passions do get the better of him, but he is far from brainless.

All in all, a very dangerous villain.

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