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Default Re: Seeking build advice: Modern conspiracy character creation

Originally Posted by DataPacRat View Post
While I have you on the line - can you think of any way to nudge this ability closer to the realism end of the spectrum than the cinematic? Extra dependencies on Eidetic Memory/Memory Palace, some kind of Unusual Background with flufftext about the pedagogy of study techniques, a cap on skill levels, a maintenance cost of spending a lot of time reading to continue to broaden the overall knowledge base, something else...?
A perk that gives +2 to very specific skill roll if you have spent a couple of hours memorizing a book first?

There's nothing wrong with unrealistic abilities in a weird fiction game though. I wouldn't discourage it if it was my game. On the contrary, I would encourage you to invest more heavily in it and make it the focus of the character.The main problem with this character (besides a lack of adventuring usefulness as Fred noted) is it is pretty unfocused. I like seeing characters with clear archetypes and pretty clean builds, YMMV.
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