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Default Re: Seeking build advice: Modern conspiracy character creation

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
All of these sound like the GM needs to make a pretty significant effort to have it matter, and it will get old fast if overused; which sounds like a quirk to me.
Eh, comme ci, comme a. I think I'll see if I can convince the GM to let me get the extra points. Or maybe negotiate and end up with a more significant Limitation, more around -60%.

Those DF textbook costs don't actually make any sense for the contemporary world. The weight of a few MeV isn't going to be an issue. I don't anticipate you buying a donkey, hiring a porter, or investing in faerie books.
Weight isn't going to be an issue; cost still is.

It is saying that by reviewing a book for a couple of hours (or less with Speed-Reading), you gain the equivalent of 400 hours of academic study and have the same level of knowledge as a professional expert in the field. It will result in things like after reviewing a surgical text, you can perform adequate surgery, especially when you stack bonuses from equipment.
There's a certain market these days for "worst-case scenario" books; some skim all sorts of situations, some are full-fledged "where there is no doctor' medical manuals. Most medical textbooks are now available in e-versions. Knowing the study techniques to get the maximum possible value out of having such items available, and having enough background knowledge to be able to apply such value, seems moderately plausible to me - as does that it may have taken 9ish points of study-time to acquire such study-techniques, making said techniques rather uncommon among a planetary population that generally gets better results from studying particular skills.

I'm not sure either of us can persuade the other on the reasonableness of our views here; but whether this particular advantage counts as realistic or cinematic, do you have any thoughts on using it in-game, or Limitations or Enhancements that might help make it more closely reflect the character concept, or anything of the sort?
Thank you for your time,
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