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Default Re: Comments on Ogrezine


Preliminary report on printing the hotrod reskin.

I did several B&W draft prints with various print settings at "actual size" & 100% scaling, both bordered & borderless.

These included both the "web" & "print" PDF's.

In all cases, using "actual size" or "scaling =100%" settings yielded a print that matched the size and slot locations of an actual Mk. V hull piece exactly.

I am confident my printed output will fit the Mk V pieces perfectly (assuming I can cut them out accurately, but that's another matter ;-)).

Use of any scaling less than 100%, or any "fit" option will reduce the size of the printed output and make it too small (about 9% on my inkjet printer).

I've printed a full-color copy on photo paper & will begin cutting/ assembly after i have shot it with clear acylic for protection.

I'll post some assembly photos as I go, but I wanted to get back to you on this with initial findings asap.

The printed output on photo paper looks gorgeous, BTW. If I dont screw up the cutting or gluing, it should look every bit as good as a regular printed unit.

thanks, erik

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