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Describe a notable Monster Hunter.

Gilbert "Gil" Weaver
Gil is tall and well built and is missing his left hand as a result of a bite from a Preta* that went bad. Impeccably dressed when ever possible Gil is to most outward appearances the very model of a retired and gentrified military officer. In addition to his military pension Gil operates a group of mercenary hunters who provide their services under the name of "The Weaver detective agency".

The Weaver detective agency provides it's services to european companies operating in the coastal cities between Port Said on the suez canal and Japan.

Gil's biggest failure as a hunter happened on his first outing. The former captain was recruited straight out of the army to command a boatload of rough customers from the notorious port of Russel. The group was recruited to deal with some strange goings on in the gold fields of Otago. The funding the operation figured a boat load of hardy whalers and near do wells would be sufficent to deal with some chinese superstitious nonsense. He was wrong, of the sixty or so under Captain Weaver's command four survived their encounter with something that resembled a Chinese Ogre or Oni. These four survivors are the core of Gil's group. They include Honi Hikura a Moari whaler whose greenstone mere was used to finally dispatch the creature, Francis Shufhousen a huge dutch Canadian man, Catriona Amel an early female doctor and Nelson Roberts a professional hunter. These days the crew is better prepared than those early days due to a couple of large payouts and several well placed contacts in Europe. When going into a dangerous situation the team is well armed, Francis carries a modified machine gun that resembles an MG08/15. Limited by his single hand Gil carries numerous pistols including a fully automatic luger with a large magazine and pair of .577 Lancaster pistols. Browning shotguns and grenades are carried by Catriona and Nelson. Though in the past they have had to make use of a Flammenwerfer when dealing with Pishachas. With their background in Whaling many of his group are skilled in the use of a Harpoon which proves handy from time to time.

Currently the group is in New Holland following the route of a ship load of Pretas, a creature that holds Gil's attention since the loss of his hand.

*an Indian "Hungry Ghost", they look like starving people and can crave any one of a number of things, including blood or human flesh.
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