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Question 22
Who was the Monster Zero (and Victim Zero) and what has become of them?
The happenings that surrounded the opening of the archway have been pieced together from the journals and letters of the late Alexander Stewart-Price. Alexander was a key member of the survey team having amassed much experience in useful areas during his career in the navy and his involvement in the Peninsula War.
While camped at what would become the archway Alexander found a lover amongst the locals. When the survey team had finished their observations they went to leave the area. Conflict arose when Alexander was forced to choose between duty and love, after a night of soul searching and gin he chose duty. The next day while passions and tensions were high, conflict escalated and Alexander's lover was shot. Cradling her body Stewart-Price carried Radha back through the archway.

The sole survivor of the survey team recounted the slaughter that followed from his cell in the Bedlam Hospital. Radha and Alexander changed into two very different creatures. The descriptions seem to indicate that Radha had become some form of undead creature while Alexander looked like a different person.

It is believed that Radha travelled for a time then found a place to settle and if the reports can be believed she is to the west of the archway.

In the years that followed letters have been arriving at Alexander's old club from all corners of the world. "....I have wrestled control of own self back, I hope I have time to send this letter...", ".... I shot myself in the head with a silver bullet this morning, apparently it didn't work....", "... Do not approach me...", "...He seeks the other three places of narrowing...." "...The other fellow is a nasty sort, I think he is killing women who work the streets at night....", "....For king and country..."

Question 23
How organised are the hunters in general? Do they cooperate and share information, equipment, resources?
Question 24
What manner of creature is Alexander Stewart-Price?
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