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Default Re: [PURE THEORY] Low-Tech vs Fantasy-Tech

Originally Posted by KevinJ
I for one want to see agriculture, architecture, weapons, armor, medicine, transportation, power sources (muscle, wind, water), metalurgy, and yes, even political ideologies in the low tech book. I want to know how many people can live on an acre of land and what a cooper does. I want to know how long it takes to set up a yurt and how many miles a one legged man can walk with crutches.
Then you should get your grubby hands on Low-Tech 3e.

Originally Posted by KevinJ
What I don't want to see is D&D style artwork with half assed descriptions made to please people who can barely read and are incapable of conjugating verbs or expressing themselves well.
You won't get that anyway. As I've said before, the worst GURPS are still remarkably good compared to some of the things on the market.
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