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Default Re: [Low-Tech] Martial Arts & Low-Tech

Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
Last we heard, Low Tech was to provide one stop reference for hand weapons, so yes it was repeating all the weapon table entries. I can't imagine after doing all that proofreading work those'll be scrapped, though I suppose they could get pulled out for a separate e23 release.

There will be some changes, but you seem to be vastly overestimating how serious they're going to be if you can imagine needing a conversion guide. They've all got the same stat columns, just an occasional change of the numbers in the column.
The way GURPS Martial Arts is set up, the focus is on the muscle, bone, and training of the warrior behind the weapon. GURPS Low-Tech will not address this. Martial Arts Styles are not going to be changed. Some of the weapon stats might shift a little. But if you think you need a new copy of GURPS Martial Arts with 1 point higher of damage with this impaling weapon, I'm not sure that this is necessary. Use the updated weapon stats for Low-Tech, and the Styles/combat options from Martial Arts.

Or don't. Nothing prevents you, if you already have weapons in play, from using weapons out of the Martial Arts weapon listings.

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