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Default Reporting piracy

Reporting Piracy and Copyright Violation

If you come across a copy of one of our products "shared" (that is, stolen) on a website, or an unofficial project that violates our online policy, we want to know about it! That includes the following:
  • PDFs of official books (GURPS and otherwise).
  • Any project that uses our trade dress; examples include fanbooks that look just like official GURPS books, and fan-made Munchkin sets that could be confused for actual products.
  • Any project that reuses our copyrighted material (e.g., a fanbook comprising text taken directly from official GURPS books).
When in doubt, go ahead and send us the link; if it isn't a problem, we obviously won't take any action.

Please email the link to Do not report it here on the forums, whether publicly or via private message.
(Exception: If you don't have email, go ahead and send it to a mod, who will then just turn around and email it to Netcell.)

However, please don't bother sending reports for links found on the big torrent sites or the other well-known "sharing" sites. We monitor those regularly and do what we can do shut it down.
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