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Default Re: Magic: Rive (M&B)

Yeah, I've read many armchair concerns about Rive in my 23 years as Line Editor . . . but I've never run into an actual-play experience that proved it to be broken. Ultimately, the sheer amount of FP needed to put a 2'-wide hole in even a modest wall with Rive usually leads to the conclusion that a guy with suitable tools could do the job for fewer FP, and create a bigger breach in the process.

Dungeon Fantasy, for example, calls the very thinnest dungeon wall DR 78, HP 75. That's 44d of Rive; it could be cast a bit at time, of course. But the best-case scenario where 44 castings do the trick, someone strong with a big hammer (say, ST 12 and the equivalent of a mace, for 1d+5) could ablate the DR and get rid of the HP in less time, perhaps 22-23 whacks, for the equivalent of 1 FP for "fighting a battle."
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