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Default Re: DF Magical Styles - about Energy Orbs

Originally Posted by Bicorn View Post
Hmm, by that reading, by RAW the cost reduction doesn't seem to apply to regular missiles either - page 12 of Magic also uses the phrasing "invest energy" instead of "pay the cost".
I agree that Orbs probably aren't intended to get free energy - it'd be a bit too good for just a perk otherwise. But are regular missiles supposed to get cost reductions or not?
High skill cost reduction for missile spells works as it does with other spells in GURPS MAGIC. However, high skills with missile spells does not reduce the time to cast missile spells.

Generally speaking, high skills do not lower energy costs to cast for blocking spells and those spells specifically exempt from that provision in the spell description itself. In addition, ceremonial spell castings do not benefit from high skill per the rules in GURPS MAGIC..However, the rules may be different for Dungeon Fantasy.

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