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Default GURPS Magic: Plant Spells GDF - Need proofreader

Hi guys,

it's been a while since my last activity, but I'm turning to you now because I'm GMing a Fantasy Mars campaign over here in Büdingen/Germany and one of the players - a humanoid plant - is learning lots of ... Plant spells (surprise!).

I didn't find any prior work on that, so, well, here I am, assembling a Plant Spells GDF. Today, I've reached "See Plant Health"; finishing might take anything from a day to two weeks, depending on available time (I'm a freelance IT/tech translator, so it depends on the ever unpredictable curve between "need 40 pages en-US user manual in de-DE by yesterday" and "rolling tumbleweed").

When I'm done though, I'd rather have some GDF wiz check it for correctness and possible syntax improvements before I upload it on the campaign site - and in the GDF repository for general use.

Anybody got some spare time for this?

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