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Default Re: Mind Control and Body Control Spells vs Elder Things in DF

The funny thing about this is in that in my head canon it's Mind Control and Body Control that are most compatible with "elder things". Lovecraft's elder things were mostly living entities...albeit at least part alien or from the Earth's remote past. And the things that Mind Control and Body Control do are the things that happen in Lovecraftian fiction. If you want to mess with someones sanity, alleviate their insanity, render them incapable of leaving a particular area, terrify them, or interact with dreams, then Mind Control seems like the way to go. Or if you were to twist and warp their physical form (including taking something utterly bizarre and hideous to humans and make it physically humanlike), interbreed them with different species, turn them to stone or just impose witch-like curses, then that's Body Control.

Mind and Body Control have the spells with the most potential for horror, as much or more more than Necromancy. And I kind of hate that they'd be excluded from being very useful in the games that are most oriented toward horror elements.
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