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Default Re: Mind Control and Body Control Spells vs Elder Things in DF

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
So.. all mundane metabolic hazards. Most distinctly not "and Magic makes you Fumble your sword".
Body control spells are threats that only affect the living (unless otherwise specified), and Immunity to Metabolic Hazards gives Immunity to threats that only affect living beings. You're the one who is adding "mundane metabolic hazards" in there. There's no distinction in the rules.

Resistant to Metabolic Hazards would of course give its bonus to the HT-based Resistance rolls for most Body Control spells. If you accept my argument that that Body Control spells are metabolic hazards, that's an obvious continuance of the argument.

So Fumble is a weird spell, since it's resisted by DX. By the rules, IMH doesn't affect DX based Resistance. On the other hand, the spell doesn't say that it affects Golems or Undead, so it doesn't, unless that's an editing error.

Since the Choke spell is a Body Control spell (and not an Air spell), I would guess that it works by preventing a living subject's lungs from working, and should be treated as a metabolic hazard. You can't choke a car and you can't choke a monster that's Immune to Metabolic Hazards.

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
but not "IMH makes you immune to Body Control spells because Undead are immune to Body Control spells and have IMH".
That's not my argument. You're welcome to disagree and provide arguments as to why I'm wrong, but not to put strawmen in my mouth and slay them.
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