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Default The "Pink Sweater" Kerfuffle

Okay, so I will set the scene. I am at level 9, I have the Pink Sweater equipped (from the Adventure Time Expansion) and my opponents are unaware of its special ability to discard the card when receiving death from "Bad Stuff" to basically cheat death AND gain a level, which can be the winning level. So luckily, I draw a level 16 monster with the "you die" bad stuff and I am ready to take the game. My opponents buff up the monster beyond my ability to defeat it, which I assumed would happen, and sat there grinning menacingly at me as I squirmed in my seat. They thought they had me beat and were going to set me back, once again. I ask if everyone is through with their actions, and if there is anything else they wanted to throw out (basically bluffing like I had something that could physically beat what they had me up against). When their response of no came back, I admitted that the monster had indeed defeated me and that I was to receive the death blow and as I finished that statement, I said, however, this Pink Sweater of mine protects me from death if I discard it right now AND I can gain the game winning level. As I am going to discard the card to the pile, one of my opponents plays a Friendly Potion (the Kung Fu version, cannot remember exact name but same effect) and claims that he can make the monster friendly, thus negating the killing blow and voiding my Pink Sweater because the monster will no longer be attacking me. Then the argument ensued. So my question is since he played it AFTER I had called for a close to actions involving combat, who's stance is technically correct? The wording on the Pink Sweater is vague on how the combat cycle has to progress in order for it to be effective. I considered myself dead and that I cheated death by discarding the Pink Sweater, whereas the others claimed that I hadn't actually been attacked yet. I imagined it worked somewhat like the resurrection stone from Harry Potter or Bilbo's Mithril mail that saved Frodo when he was speared by a giant, but they argue differently because of the complicated turn process this game can possess. What do you all take from this? What is your stance? I am open minded about this, so fire away!
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