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Default Re: Body Slamming A Swarm

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
...ST 14 or so luchador... for 1d-1 to the luchador and 1d+2 (or 2d-1) to the rats.
Well, the Lucha had lifting ST 14, but also took +2 for wrasslin' at DX+2. She did 1d+2, didn't take any (which we probably should have done), and ended prone.

We also called it an all-out attack, which seems fair, and large area injury, which also seems fair for slams but I'm not sure is RAW.

In any case, it seems we muddled our way though fairly close, and it was the second most awesome lucha move of the night, so I'm happy with it.

Would you folks change anything if Technical Grappling was being used? (We weren't but I'm curious about it.)

Does Technical Grappling need a Lucha supplement?
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