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Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
"Difficult"? He's never met Chopper.

If anyone needs that explained, Chopper is the R5 Droid on the Star Wars:Rebels TV series. Chopper goes well beyond difficult or even the "surly" the R5 is described as in one RPG supplement. Something between "thuggish" and "sadistic" might cover it.
Chopper doesn't exactly strike me as an R5, though; he's not in a traditional R-series chassis. I think he's from the model line that predated the R-series astromechs. You're right, though, he's a sadistic little thug. ;)

Favorite R5 in any game I've been in, though, was R5-B8, who started as a nanny droid and hence a garish neon pink paint scheme with bright green and orange highlights. Bait thought she was an R2 unit, too, given how she acted, cheerfully whistling in the middle of firefights. The party never did figure out she was the Imperial spy in their midst, but even Bait didn't know she was!
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