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Default Re: New Reality Seeds

Try this reality seed Henri, Count of Chambord swallows his pride and gets a clue. He accepts the Throne of France in the 1870's and is polite about it. In the next few years, working with reactionaries and others, he successfully allies with the Versailles Parliament (the government of the 3rd Republic stayed out out of Paris for a decade) and France moves in a reactionary direction. Most of France's major scientists and artists leave the nation. France becomes a minor European power.

In the 1890's Germany successfully gets Great Britain to agree to an Anglo-Germman defence pact (as a means of controlling and counter-ballancing Russian expanionism). When the WWI comes, Germany takes down a weak and degenerate France easily. Britain and Germany then take Russia on in Poland and Anatolia. Both the Crazist state and the Bourbon state fall. Unstable republics replace both. anarchists, communists, fascists, and others, suggle violently in the streets of Paris fighting to create a new France.

You can use this as a Pulp Primpernell setting, fight commies in 20's Paris, fight for socialism, or simply swashbuckle.
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