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Default Complement of 'INS Fritjof Nansen'

Complement of Imperial Navy Survey frigate INS Fritjof Nansen
Billets are colour-coded for branch of service as follows: Navy, Imperial Office, Colonial Office, Marines. Billets in boldface indicate the members of the Staff Committee with whom the Mission Commander consults on strategic decisions. The forum handles of the players of PCs are indicated in bold red.
Mission Commander, (captain, Imperial Navy) jmurrell
First Lieutenant & 'A' Watch officer, (lieutenant-commander, Imperial Navy)
Astrogator & 'B' Watch officer, (lieutenant, Imperial Navy) martinl

Astronomer (Gunnery officer) & 'C' Watch officer, (sublieutenant, Imperial Navy) zorg
intern & relief watch-keeping officer, (midshipman, Imperial Navy)
Chief engineer, (lieutenant-commander, Imperial Navy) sir_pudding
Second Engineer, (lieutenant, Imperial Navy)

Third Engineer, (sublieutenant, Imperial Navy)
Buffer, (chief petty officer)
Coxswain, #1 shuttle, (petty officer)
Flight mechanic, #1 shuttle, (astronaut (proficient))
Coxswain, #2 shuttle, (petty officer)
Flight mechanic, #2 shuttle, (astronaut (proficient))
Relief coxswain, (petty officer)
Relief flight mechanic, (astronaut (proficient))
'A' Watch foreman & senior electrician, (leading astronaut)
'A' Watch lifesupport technician, (astronaut (proficient))

'A' Watch mechanic, (astronaut)
'B' Watch foreman & senior mechanic, (leading astronaut)
'B' Watch electrician, (astronaut (proficient))

'B' Watch lifesupport technician, (astronaut)
'C' Watch foreman & senior lifesupport technician, (leading astronaut)
'C' Watch mechanic, (astronaut (proficient))

'C' Watch electrician, (astronaut)
Ambassador-at-Large, (senior executive 3rd class) martinl
Counsellor, (executive officer 1st class) zorg

Spokesman, (executive officer 2nd class) sir_pudding

Aide, (executive officer 3rd class) jmurrell
Dean of Survey & Chief Economist, (senior researcher 1st class) zorg
Head of Natural Sciences, & Chief Planetologist (senior researcher 2nd class)
Ecologist & Agronomist, (senior researcher 3rd class)

Microbiologist/epidemiologist/medical anthropologist/medical officer, (senior researcher 3rd class)

Physical geographer, (research officer 1st class)

Oceanographer, (research officer 1st class)

Meteorologist, (research officer 1st class)
Head of Social Sciences & Chief Anthropologist, (senior researcher 2nd class) jmurrell
Social dynamist, (senior researcher 3rd class) martinl

Technology analyst & development economist, (senior researcher 3rd class)

Political scientist & semiotician, (research officer 1st class)

Social anthropologist, (research officer 1st class)

Agronomist & human geographer, (research officer 1st class)
Military analyst (lieutenant, Imperial Marines) sir_pudding
Marines section leader & Action team leader, (corporal) sir_pudding
Action team scout, (private (trained)) martinl

Action team gunner, (private (trained)) jmurrell

Action team rifleman, (private (trained)) zorg
Base team leader & EW, (lance-corporal)
Medic, (private (proficient))

Sapper, (private (proficient))

Fitter, (private (proficient))

copyright Brett Evill
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