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Originally Posted by Phaelen Bleux View Post
USS Constitution (TL5)
Mast heights are also probably excessive, despite being based on real-world figures.
I do not think those numbers are excessive...I drive over the Tobin Bridge every morning and other than the Bridge itself her masts are one of the tallest structures in that section of Charlestown.

I also saw her under sail in 2006 (?) <tow line still attached>. She was towed up the coast to Salem/Beverly/Marblehead/Essex...a couple of those towns claim to be the home of the US Navy...then she raised sail and was under her own power for a couple of miles.

I was in a smallish 20' 30' single mast sailboat at the time.

She is a BIG ship.

You can see those masts for a long long way.

I will give her your best wishes Monday Morning.
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