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Default Re: Bullets: Overpenetration, Tumbling, Traveling

Calibre maps to the 'p' pluses and minuses. Powder load is energy, which maps to damage. Anything beyond that is really below resolution. It's not like some rounds always tumble and others never do, or that on a hit point scale from 1-50 it's going to make a lot of difference.

For that matter, the experts still argue about the exact means of bullet damage and which sorts are better. (Sure, there's plenty of people with confident assertions on the Internet -- but nobody really knows, and it's not that certain of a topic.)

High-tech has rules for different sorts of ammo. Tactical Shooting goes into a lot of detail. There's also Gun-Fu for the action-movie style of gunplay. There's also a couple of supplements with more gun stats (Pulp Guns, Adventure Guns).

Douglas Cole has a spreadsheet that's good for calculating damage for all sorts of cartridges and weapons that aren't already in a book.
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