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Q: Summonable Allies - how long do they last, can they be summoned/de-summoned repeatedly etc.?
A: Generally, there are two flavours of Summonable - the Classic (as intended by Basic Set) and Spell-Like (emulating spiritual predecessors of Dungeon Fantasy, computer games etc.) Here are some details:

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
I'll try to sum this up:
Common to All Interpretations
Ally can be summoned at the time and place of your choosing, and no social or practical considerations impinge on appearance. The place can be anywhere you can go, even if the Ally couldn't get there for reasons of size, lack of mobility or stealth, etc., and even if the GM imposes dramatic conditions that allow just one person (yourself) to be present. Until summoned, Ally occupies no space, consumes no food, requires no transportation, and cannot be detected.

If the appearance roll fails, the cooldown is one day, not one full adventure.
These things are what make a Summonable Ally worth the points.

Classic Ally Interpretation
Frequency of Summoning: Once per adventure.
Duration of Summoning: One adventure.
This is no change from a standard Ally, and is worth no points.

Spell-Like Interpretation
Frequency of Summoning: However often you like until you fail and hit the cooldown.
Duration of Summoning: One minute.
This is a big change from a standard Ally, but it's a tradeoff and worth no points.
Spell-Like assumes a Concentrate manoeuvre is enough to summon an ally in combat, behinds someone's back etc.
Classic assumes that once you de-summon an Ally, you have to wait until the end of the Adventure. With Spell-Like, there is no such drawback.

More from Kromm:

Originally Posted by sir_pudding
Originally Posted by Kromm
Originally Posted by sir_pudding

The "Conjuration" version of summoning allows you to replace a destroyed ally after 24 hours. If you dismiss a Conjured Ally can you conjure a replacement in (a) 24 hours, or (b) you have to wait until the next adventure?
If you're not limiting duration (say, to a minute, as I suggested), then it isn't fair to allow you to conjure a dismissed Ally as soon as you want to, but "next adventure" is extreme . . . I'd go with 24 hours.

Originally Posted by sir_pudding

Can the 24 hour limit after a failed summoning simply be extended to dismissals as well?

The difference between Summonable and Conjured isn't to do with duration or frequency or anything else tied to time. They are identical in that respect. The difference is that a Summonable Ally is unique, loyal, and irreplaceable, and amounts to a normal Ally plus the ability to "gate" him to you, while a Conjured Ally is always a different entity that might not react well to you, but that's infinitely replaceable should he die.
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