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Default Re: Bane Bullet Charm

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
What is the canonical way to enchant a bullet as a charm so that it does extra damage against certain categories of foes?

I understand this could be done with Bestows a Bonus, but let's assume we want to have the option of higher damage than that open.

Is there any way to make the damage either part of basic Dmg of the bullet (and thus adding for the purposes of penetrating DR) or at least Follow-Up?

And while damage would seem to fit under Destroy Matter for normal targets, Destroy Spirit for ghosts, qlippoths and demons and Destroy Undead for zombies or vampires, could extra damage to "all supernatural targets" be Destroy Magic?

Can anyone good with RPM rituals write up a sample Supernatural Bane bullet Charm that does an extra 2d pi (ideally added to the bullet damage for DR purposes, Follow-Up if that's imlossible) to any supernatural target?

There is some discussion on this in this old thread. Basically PK recommended treating a +2 bonus as +2 or +1 per die, and there was some cost discussion.
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