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Default Re: Magic Weapon: Advantage or Signature Gear?

Originally Posted by Danukian View Post
Okay - I am starting a Shadowrun style [Cyberpunk + Fantasy] campaign, and was writing up sample characters when I noticed a major discrepancy in point cost for a magic item: I wanted to make a tomahawk that affected insubstantial for a Shaman. There are two ways recommended to do this as listed in The Book: as Signature Gear, or as an Advantage.

As Signature Gear: On B85, each point will give 50% of Starting Wealth -which at TL 9 is $30,000 - or $15,000 per point spent. Following rules in Basic, Magic, Thaumatology and Dungeon Fantasy, a Silver Tomahawk with Accuracy, Puissance and Ghostsword could be squeezed out in 1 point!

As an Advantage: Following the example on Thaumatology 115, The same weapon would be in the 20 point range (It doesn't have the Armor Divisor of the sample sword, or the stabbing Alternate Attack, but it can be thrown)!

I find your math...suspicious. Why are your magic items so cheap? But in any case, advantages are almost always going to come up short when compared to a technology (and magic items are a technology) that does the exact same thing. The answer is to do things with advantages that can't be done with the technology.
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