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Default Re: Magic Weapon: Advantage or Signature Gear?

Originally Posted by Kuroshima View Post
If it's actually a special ability of the shaman, that can make his weapons affect the spirits. what about Imbue (Single Skill, Ghostly Weapon, -80%) [8]+Ghostly Weapon (Axe/Mace)+Ghostly Weapon (Thrown Weapon, Axe/Mace)*?
This reminds me, I don't know how such a weapon is built, as a Gadget, if it is not an intrinsic trait of the shaman to be able to do this, but rather something that that specific weapon can do.

Can someone enlighten me? I know the end point is the Gadget Limitation, but what RAW Advantage(s) do you apply the Gadget Limitation to?
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