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Default Re: Magic Weapon: Advantage or Signature Gear?

It's a special ability of the tomahawk, or is it a special ability of the shaman, who makes the weapon affect insubstantial? If someone else takes the tomahawk, does it work for him? Does it always work? Don't think on how it would work on the other system (Each system has it's quirks, the goal of conversions is not to convert the system but the setting), think how you visualize the character.

If it's actually a special ability of the shaman, that can make his weapons affect the spirits. what about Imbue (Single Skill, Ghostly Weapon, -80%) [8]+Ghostly Weapon (Axe/Mace)+Ghostly Weapon (Thrown Weapon, Axe/Mace)*?

*From GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements

Also, keep in mind that the magic item prices from Dungeon Fantasy represent a specific set of economic conditions, making Slow and Sure enchantment cheaper than it would normally be, because you're not hiring someone to enchant the item, you're buying something that was unearthed from a dungeon by another adventuring group.
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