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Originally Posted by Agemegos
And compact! Don't forget compact!

I wish Excel formats allowed me to fix the number of significant figures displayed instead of only the number of decimal places.
Most defintely would be welcome. You are aware, however, that you can do this with a formula? Makes the sheet's disk usage a little higher if you have to do it a lot, but it's doable.

Alternately, you could create your own user function.

In this thread, starting at post 9, DaltonS gave me some code for creating my own functions, one of which was a tool to round to significant digits. (While I haven't finished work on the new sheet yet, I did incorporate most of his ideas in some form or another. The downside of this approach is that the sheet will claim you're using macros, and that seems to be something you were trying desperately to avoid, meaning you'll either have to use the formula in each cell or just live with Excel's limitation.
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