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Originally Posted by Captain Joy
As far as the stellar data goes, nobody says gigayears; use 10^9 years or billion years. Of course, if computer geeks took over and formed a meritocracy, then stay with gigayears. :)
I've seen gigayears (Gy) in a number of places, including scientific texts and rpg products. I'd say it's less geeky than using the 'Y x 10^9' notation, which only seems non-geeky if you're a maths geek or engineer. :)

Also, "K4 V" is how a stellar class is usually given, as opposed to writing out "K4 main sequence"; but this deviation from the norm is not an egregious as using the prefix "giga".
I think it's more, not less, egregious. It's also a space-waster.
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