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Default Re: Should there be a 'parenting' skill?

Okay, I've read through the whole thread. And while I have no children, I am from a family where 3-to-6 children is the norm, so I have a lot of baby-sitting experience and second-hand child-rearing tales. Think of me as an informed layman.

From a game perspective, the child-care itself relies on a lot of skills. The simplest approach is to look at the description for the Soldier skill

Soldier includes basic lessons in many fields covered by other skills.
For instance, a TL8 soldier learns to strip his rifle without learning Armoury (Small Arms), to use a radio without learning Electronics Operation (Comm), to dig a foxhole without learning Engineer (Combat), and so forth. In a situation where someone with one of those skills would roll at +4 or better for a routine task (see Task Difficulty, p. 345), the GM may let you roll against Soldier skill instead. You do not receive the bonus that someone with the fullfledged skill would get, but you do suffer any situational penalties.
I think the Parenting skill would work the same. Although I think it would be Will/A or HT/A rather than IQ/A. A lot of parenting depends more on willingness to be a parent rather than thinking things through. (As a cousin of mine once said "If I thought this through, I wouldn't have six kids!")

EDIT: jacobmuller posted just as I did. But we seem to be thinking along the same lines.
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