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Default Re: Sailing Ships -At least until CCoI (Low-Tech) arrives

Originally Posted by Icelander
The problem is that while the details are reasonably accurate (as accurate as I can make them), each vessel is based on one or at most two primary sources and maybe a few secondary ones.

I demand more rigorous historical research and bibliography than that from SJ Games authors, so it is inconceivable that I should do less. If I ever submitted anything to SJ Games, I'd be forced to buy four or five reference books for each era that I planned to cover. And that would cost far more than I'd ever get paid for such a work.
Ah - but there's also the other GURPS-heads who could help do the research and who probably already own the reference books you'd need.

I hasten to add I'm not volunteering myself - I've got a few Osprey books and some of Guilmartin and NAM Rodger's stuff but I'm a complete nautical novice...


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