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Default Re: GCS: an error occured trying to save the file

Originally Posted by Bill Cipher View Post
Yeah, I am still having trouble - so thanks for reaching out!

What I've tried so far, is to download the older version of the character creator and then open the characters in that program. It didn't seem to affect the files at all however. So I think it's how I get them updated when opening them in the older version of the program, that is my problem? but I am not sure.

Again, thanks a ton of reaching out!
Hi, Bill.

So to upgrade for the file format change, the easiest route is to download the converter tool from the main site ( and have it convert all of your old files. Once you've done that, you should be able to open them in the newest version of GCS without any issue.

If you still have problems after running the converter, then we may need to have a more interactive conversation to resolve it... in that case, pop into the GURPS Discord (there is a link on the main GCS site) and ask for me.

- Rich
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