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Default Re: [Low-Tech] Padded Cloth and Layered Armour penalty

Originally Posted by Polydamas View Post
Exactly. The sopbrosberga and soprensegna in documents from duocento Italy and the red brocade Charles VI garment would probably count as Light Layered Cloth in GURPS, with their weight rounded up because they have to have an even DR 2 and because players don't carry all the weight they want their characters to carry, its fair for things to be slightly heavier than average. They would be in addition to the weight of clothing and of iron/hardened leather/bronze armour, all of which are worn underneath these overgarments.
The Charles VI garment is closer to Padded Cloth because it's 10 to 12 lbs. and it covers torso and arms (150% of torso armour in GURPS terms). GURPS Padded Cloth that cover both the torso and the arms would be 9 lbs. while GURPS Light Layered Leather would be 18 lbs.

Armour assimilable to GURPS Padded Cloth worn under mail would be the thicker aketons worn by European knights from mid XII to early XV century, as well the Eastern Roman kabadion. Armour assimilable to GURPS Padded Cloth worn between an inner layer of mail and rigid metallic armour (lamellar, plate) would be the Middle Eastern qarqal and some of the heavier pourpoints like this:

If the DX penalty is for Winter Clothing/Light Leather/Heavy Coat/Padded Cloth which isn't made to be worn under other forms of armour, then it's fine. But in my campaigns I'd remove the penalty for Winter Clothing/Light Leather/Heavy Coat/Padded Cloth that is appositely designed to be worn under or over other forms of armour. Expert Tailoring (+5 CF, -15% weight, +1 Holdout) would qualify for these if worn as undergarments, as it represents an armour made with better materials (a bit less thick) and that fits better to the wearer. For overgarments, I'd apply a +1 CF to erase the layering penalty for one layer only, with no changes in weight or Holdout - maybe with -1 Holdout for being looser in order to hamper less the movements of the wearer. About mail armour and sleeveless flexible armour, I'd give no penalty for a single layer of armour worn with Winter Clothing/Light Leather/Heavy Coat/Padded Cloth, under or over.

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