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Question 34 [MC]
What groups are opposed to TIO's Andean Corridor project?
Answer 34a) Imperador Integrated's InterHub do Cabo-Istmo
The main rival to TIO's Andean Corridor is Imperador Integrated's road transport megaproject. It has similar aims but a more ambitious scope - a continent-spanning network of superhighways, extending "from the Cape to the Isthmus." In contrast to the Andean Corridor, InterHub highways also extend along the east coast, and in fact the Mercosur-Chile Hub is already largely complete and operational in many sections.

The InterHub roads are based on smartroad technology, where peletons of self-driving trucks, buses and cars speed along in groups of up to 25 vehicles at speeds of 300kph. The highway roofs made of carbon nanotube, high efficiency solar panels and the piezoelectric road surface in braking zones before off-ramps generate electric energy to be supplied to vehicular charging stations and local neighbourhoods.

Most of the superhighways are built (or are planned to be) elevated 50-100m above the surrounding countryside, to supposedly lessen environmental impact and to even out elevation changes for the vehicles they service. The Andes-crossing sections, however, will necessarily rely more on extensive tunneling. Acquiring the required land for new tunnels, or preferably buying existing construction to upgrade, has brought them into direct competition with TIO, who have more friends in governments along the Pacific coast.

Cost is also becoming an issue. Being roads and not rail or maglev should mean InterHub has a lower per-mile cost, and focusing on transport first instead of other infrastructure should make it overall easier and cheaper to complete. However, continual sabotage of remote construction sites by eco-terrorists, as well as a slew of regional court battles and competition with TIO for real estate, have seriously blown out their cost projections. Any number of mid-level managers may consider more desperate measures to complete that extra mile of road and impress their superiors.


Question 39 [STG]
Are there flying cars?

Question 40 [MC] - Resorts
What's a favoured (TIO-subsidiary) holiday destination for TIO executives?

Question 41 [MC][Name 5] - Off-Book Projects
What are 5 research projects, industrial activities or illicit connections that particular TIO departments are involved in that would cause severe damage or embarrassment if they were revealed to the public or the authorities?
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