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Default Re: [Game] Animate a Monster Hunters Setting

Originally Posted by Emerald Cat View Post
Question 17
What proportion of monsters join a clan, and what proportion elect to be freelancers?
Answer 17
All told, probably about 50/50. There's a tendency for weaker monsters to band together, and for unique, powerful entities to go it alone, but to the eye of the average Monster Hunter this makes little difference. Either takes about an equal amount of effort to investigate and then eliminate from preying on a particular territory, and they're roughly evenly distributed among territories- ignoring regional discrepancies or concentrations.

Question 25 Open question- Aim for 5 answers
Describe a notable Monster Hunter.
What do they do?
Do they have a public persona?
Where do they operate?
What successes and failures have they had?
Who do they run with?
Whose scent are they currently on the trail of?
Which breed of monster do they specialise in?
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