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Originally Posted by Emerald Cat View Post
Question 18
Is the clan leaders' focus on protecting the gate appropriate, or paranoia?
Answer 18- Guarding the Valley
It is definitely appropriate, as it is their continued vigilance across the region that has kept the archway's location, and existence, hidden from human knowledge, at least as no more than rumour and speculation.

The first line of defence are the yeti, in small packs of 3 or 4, who scout widely across the area for incoming explorers, surveyors, investigators or mystics. They usually let regular army patrols, trading caravans and local villagers pass unharmed unless they get too close, but will attack the more suspicious targets at a greater distance from the valley. They will use weather magics, avalanches, rockfalls or animal attacks to hinder or kill intruders as a general rule, or take care of the intruders more personally if the mood takes them.

Otherwise, a number of the other clannish monsters have strongholds each guarding a separate approach to the valley, disguised or glamoured as monasteries or hill settlements or hidden in cave systems, from which they patrol the inner region and attack interlopers with little mercy.

The valley itself, declared neutral ground, is observed but unoccupied, and only entered for such occasions as greeting newcomers or holding interclan conclaves. Otherwise the clans have as little to do with each other as they can, taking care of necessities, such as 'feeding', in each of their own ways.

Standing questions:
Question 10 (Open Question- 1 of 5)
What are some organisations dedicated to confronting the monster menace?

Question 17
What proportion of monsters join a clan, and what proportion elect to be freelancers?

Question 19
Are any monsters unique to the New World and, if so, what is their origin?

New questions:
Question 20
Which monster clans have strongholds near the valley? This is almost a proxy to asking- which monster clans are the most organised and globally active?

Question 21
What's a name for-
a) The archway
b) The realm beyond the archway
c) The valley
d) The campaign setting

Question 22
Who was the Monster Zero (and Victim Zero) and what has become of them?
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