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Answer 11

Question 12
Did angels, demons and other astral beings come through the archway, or are they present by some other means?

Question 13
How can PC Monster Hunters learn magic?
The various astral beings have thus far only appeared as entities that have possessed people who have travelled through the arch at certain astrologically significant times.

A rare few of these victims of possession have escaped the clutches of their masters. It is these people who have been the first human users of magic. Some of these formerly possessed individuals have managed to provide the spark for powers in other rare people. The magical abilities that have been awakened seem to have no historical or mythological foundation. That is to say that humans don't yet have much knowledge of how to apply these magical abilities or even what rules they follow. The sum total of a monster hunters potential magical capability is limited to the gifts exhibited by by the formerly possessed and what they have worked out for themselves.

Question 15
Is there any reliable way of detecting the possessed, if so how does it work?

Question 16
The Tzar of Russia has sent well funded envoys to organisations in the know in England. What is the nature of the incursion to the north west of the Himilayas?
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