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Default Re: [Game] Work Up a Steampunk Setting

Question 16
What happened to Spain and its colonial empire?

Answer to 16
Spain is a shell of its former self. Constantly trying to play catch up to everyone else.

Losing the Phillipines to Japan and Mexico's bid for independence were the final nails in the coffin for Spain's colonial empire. They are constantly fighting to keep what they have against rebellion but its a losing battle. Especially with the other powers aiding the rebels.

Mexico joined up with Texas to form an alliance between the native population growing sick of their distant overlords and Texan stubbornness to give into French influence to the east. The Republic of Texas extends from Nevada in the west to Texas in the east, including Oklahoma, going all the way south to the Panama Canal. They might not be a world player yet, but they are on the rise as an interloper state in global politics.

Question 17
What is the "standard" warship of the era?
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