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Default Re: [Game] Generate a Space Trader Setting

There are several interstellar organisations. The one that travels the furthest is known as the librarians

The Librarians of the ashes is an organization devoted to the recovery and preservation of knowledge that would otherwise be lost due to wars and catastrophic events. They share their knowledge relatively freely and send agents to every interstellar war and disaster they hear about. Many of the agents also help when they can to maintain the librarian's positive reputation. They are based in one of the biggest starships ever to have existed with a hull made of organic metal more than 400 meters thick. Their leader is a shadowy robed scholar never seen away from an ancient lecturn.

The Rhii are a race of amphibious carnivores who are fiercely independant by nature. Their highest political office is ships captain. They are physically flattened bipeds that can be likened to human stingray hybrids. They vary in size from 1 to 5 meters tall/long.

Are there precursor artifacts? If so what are some examples.
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