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Default Re: Exotic Governmental/Legal Systems

Originally Posted by SolemnGolem View Post
Behind (or more specifically, underground below) the corridors of politics, a powerful lich sets most policy through a covert police. The lich is primarily concerned with magical advancement of the art, and sees the establishment of a utilitarian mercantile state as important to its goals. Its covert police have a mission primarily to keep the Sovereign Council in line, the tribunes and syndics weak enough so the aristocracy never reforms (meaning "never recovers from its dissolution"), and the guilds loyal and orderly.
This has been lingering with me a bit, I think in large part because the lich's policy imperatives are well aligned with keeping things ticking along in an orderly manner with no faction getting enough power to push through huge changes, which for your average citizen is the best option for them too.

I mean, on the one hand lich. On the other hand, if you murder the lich you might well get a civil war.
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