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Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
There's two color palettes. Is that new?

The thing that'd help me most is the 2x2 character notation as per the map at ITL 52 that goes H7/L4 in a single hex.
The two color palettes have been in there a while, but it's an easy thing to miss.

The longer annotation string would be handy for those kinds of labeling conventions, but I have a few concerns there. One is that the strings would be more complex and I'd want to offer a way to edit them easily (replacing just two characters by clicking doesn't take much time or effort in comparison). The other is that I'd want to make sure the annotations remain legible at all sizes, as well as fitting into the hex without overrunning neighbouring hexes.

I have thought about putting a more rich text feature in the program, so if I find a way to make this work I'll get it in there. It would either be a rework of the annotation system or a whole new feature. In the latter case it could make sense to have it as another layer, so that you could do things like putting names of regions, towns, etc directly onto the map too. The tricky part there would be ensuring they scale nicely along with everything else.
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