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Default Re: Exotic Governmental/Legal Systems

I've contemplated a similar clan-based system but with each clan electing its head rather than having hereditary leaders. (Not to say that the more conservative clans wouldn't always favour particular bloodlines: "My dear, it just wouldn't be the same without a De Crucis in charge!". The Tribune in charge of their relations with the state just rolls his eyes every time and says: "Does anyone else wish to put their name forward?" whenever there's a turnover in the chieftainship and he has to supervise the election.)

You do get a permanent state of tension between the elected-by-the-people House and the elected-by-the-clanmembers House. The Clans are not equals except in voting power in the Chamber. Some are each others clients or otherwise obliged: some have much more financial clout than others. This isn't what we in the UK are used to: the submission of the Lords is over a century old. But the US seems to manage more tension, sometimes creatively.
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