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Default What should I add next to my collection?

I am looking to buy a physical Gurps book a month to my collection, I am preparing to run a fantasy setting of my own design in a few months (pls see the world of solem thread). So am looking to pick up books to support that campaign.

This is my physical collection so far.
GURPS basic Characters
GURPS basic Campaigns
How to be a Gurps GM
Gurps Magic
Gurps Fantasy
Gurps Horror
Gurps Powers
Gurps Martial Arts
Gurps Thaumatology
Gurps Low Tech
Gurps Ultatech
Gurps Space
Gurps for dummies
Gurps Psionics (3rd)
Gurps Time Travel (3rd)
Gurps Dinosaurs (3rd)
Gurps Old West (3rd)

Please recommend physical books that would help a fantasy campaign and please say why. Also please only recommend stuff I can still easily purchase, like stuff on Gurps demand.

thank you.
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